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Is it Apathy, or Overwhelm?

In the research and evaluation worlds you might work on a project for years designing studies, interviewing people, sending surveys, organizing data, and turning that work into what you think are well crafted findings or recommendations.

And then you take all that work and turn it into a report...

...which very few people will ever read.

At this point it's easy to make excuses or pass the blame.

  • "Clearly people just don't care."
  • "Our social media team didn't share it with enough people."
  • "Our organization's website is just not well designed enough for anyone to see the report."
  • "We don't have the budget or time to put in more of a reporting effort."
  • "Oh well, next time we'll do better..."

But what if it's not apathy, a lack of money, or someone else's fault?

What if instead, it's just an overwhelmed audience?

An audience that can be reached if you just knew how.

Before I was a professional information designer.

My name is Chris Lysy, and for a living I consult with NGOs, government agencies, universities, public health institutes, and large non-profits as a professional information designer. I design infographics, cartoons, dashboards, websites, digital media campaigns, and communities of practice. I also help these organizations train up their staff.

But before all of that, at the beginning of my career, I was just a data guy working professionally as a researcher and evaluator. I found myself disillusioned with the way we report our work. That disillusionment launched my cartooning career.

It was through cartooning that I started to discover that people were not disinterested in WHAT we were sharing. They were disinterested in HOW we were sharing.

It's HOW you report that matters.

Two things I know.

  1. Everybody is overwhelmed.
  2. The digital world is a visual world.

This workshop will focus on helping you learn...

  • how to create reports people want to read,
  • how to design visual reports,
  • how to create visual one-pagers and executive summaries,
  • how to adapt reports into infographics,
  • how to illustrate your reports with charts, graphs, and other images,
  • how to develop your own creative process,
  • how to use design software,
  • how to share your reports online,
  • and much more.

We will also work on building your creative confidence.

And we'll have fun while we're at it.

Not only will you learn new techniques and tools, you also get to join a group of likeminded data people and share in our common reporting struggles. So join us as we learn together, design together, and laugh together.

"The best thing about this group is meeting other people with a similar interest in using data for quality improvement but with expertise and insight from different fields!"

- Joanna Prout, PhD, Psychologist and Evaluator

What is included.

This program is anchored by live group coaching sessions, but it includes so much more than just that.

1- Live Group Coaching Sessions

  • We meet weekly (show up when you can).
  • You'll get exposure to new creative reporting methods and tools.
  • You'll get lots of opportunities to practice.
  • You'll be surrounded by peers and a mentor who is committed to helping you achieve your learning goals.

2- Recorded Coaching Sessions

  • We record the presentation parts for all of our coaching sessions.
  • We do NOT record the Q&A part so participants can feel more comfortable sharing their challenges.

3- Practice Activities, Short Lessons, and Inspiration

  • You get access to a growing list of practice activities, short lessons, and creative inspiration.
  • Topics include Infographics, Dashboards, Presentations, Cartoons, Charts, Canva, Adobe Spark, Tableau, Excel, UX Design, Storyboards, and much more.

4- Accountability and Support Forum

  • This forum is a space where participants can share their intentions, share their work, support each other, request new lessons, and ask for help.
  • I closely monitor this forum for any comments or calls for help.

5- COMING SOON - Self-Paced Courses

  • In the coming months I plan to launch several longer form self-paced courses on essential creative reporting topics. These courses will also be included for all program participants.
  • Chart Master [estimated launch. December 2021]
  • Social Infographics [estimated launch. February 2022]
  • Slidedoc Reporting [estimated launch. April 2022]

"Chris has the uncanny ability to connect data with emotional persuasion. He helped me see data as the emotional catalyst that drives positive change. Working with social impact leaders who need to bring people together quickly and for a singular purpose, I'm better able to help them use data and emotion for decision making."

- Paul Mosca, MA, Social Entrepreneur

Your Instructor

Chris Lysy
Chris Lysy

Chris Lysy is a professional information designer.

Chris consults with NGOs, government agencies, universities, public health institutes, and large non-profits designing infographics, dashboards, websites, digital media campaigns, communities of practice, and cartoons.

Included with Purchase

Practice Activities
Fun activities, lessons, and inspiration designed to help you build your data design skills.
Chris Lysy
7 day free trial then $500/year
Recorded Coaching Sessions
Recordings from all of our live coaching sessions.
Chris Lysy
Accountability and Support Forum
This is an accountability and support forum for the DiY Data Design group coaching program.
Chris Lysy
Zoom Room
Here is the Zoom Information for our Live Session meeting space.
Chris Lysy
DataViz for Anti-Racism
This is a course about making the numbers real.
Chris Lysy

Original Price: $500

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the community start and finish?
This group coaching program launched in September 2021 and is open for enrollment at any point. We meet weekly (except for the occasional holiday and vacation).
How long do I have access to the course?
For as long as you are a subscriber? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you keep your subscription current - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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