1. 2. 3. Report!

Learn a simple audience-centered reporting strategy.

  • Do you find report design a little overwhelming these days?
  • Does it feel like everyone is asking for shorter, visual reports?
  • Do you worry that the short report is not long enough to properly share your findings?

1. 2. 3. Report! is a simple audience-centered strategy designed to make your life as a report creator easier. This course is short (and FREE) but the strategy is at the heart of all of my professional design work.

Reporting does not have to be hard or annoying.

What you will learn.

  • The modern 1:3:25 reporting standard and why it's not really about the page numbers.
  • A 3 bucket audience approach to choosing the right report types to create.
  • My reverse report design process that can make creating contemporary visual reports easier and faster.

You will also get access to 4 activities.

  • Designing a 25 Pager
  • Designing a 3 Pager
  • Designing a 1 Pager
  • Designing a Listicle Infographic

Finally, you'll get the opportunity to apply to become a member of the DiY Data Design community at a discount.

Your Instructor

Chris Lysy
Chris Lysy

Chris Lysy is a professional information designer.

Chris consults with NGOs, government agencies, universities, public health institutes, and large non-profits designing infographics, dashboards, websites, digital media campaigns, communities of practice, and cartoons.

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